Below is an entry/privacy policy for the venues within the Newcastle Entertainment Precinct. Details may be changed at any time to adjust to changes in the law.

Newcastle Entertainment Precinct ID Scanning Policy

By allowing us to scan your ID you agree to the following:

  1. That we can share your identity information with other venues should you be banned from this venue or are considered to be behaving or are at risk of behaving, in a socially unacceptable manner.
  2. That we can make this information available to police and local authorities in the event of an incident.

The Newcastle Entertainment Precinct (NEP) venues have an obligation to comply with liquor licensing legislation by:

  1. ensuring the responsible service of alcohol;
  2. ensuring that persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to consume alcohol at any NEP venues;
  3. ensuring safety and wellbeing of patrons; and
  4. providing a safe environment for all persons within their hotels generally. 

The collection and sharing of relevant information is essential to carry out these functions.

The scanning process involves a computer system which takes a scanned copy of the identification you present us with, checks your age and whether you are listed on our database of people who have been barred from the Newcastle Entertainment Precinct.

The ID Scanning process is voluntary however we retain management’s right to refuse entry if you do not permit us to scan your identification.

Newcastle Entertainment Precinct will store the data for a period of twelve months except for banned IDs which will be stored indefinitely.  In the event you want your information deleted prior to this period please email your name, date of ID scan and venue you visited to: Patrons who are subject to a ban will not be removed from our database.

All information recorded will be stored securely on venue servers which are password protected and kept in alarmed offices.  The only staff with access to this information will be trained managers who will deal with it in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. You may have access to the information we hold on you at any time by making a written request to